Know Who you Are Talking To

No need to take a person of interest or potential suspect to the station to identify them. Now you can use the power of T5-Identify to determine their identity where and when you encounter them. 

Establish the True Identity of an Individual Anytime, Anywhere with 1:1 and 1:N Biometric Searching

Identify potential suspects and see their criminal history within seconds directly on a booking workstation or mobile device. Easily drill down to get details.

Supports All Commercially Available Biometric Modalities

Use finger, palm, iris, face, voice, SMT, and DNA to identify an individual. Adding new biometric types is simple, allowing you to easily expand as new modalities are available or when your requirements change.

Biometric Fusion for Improved Accuracy

Reduce false positives by searching multiple biometrics and merging the results with TECH5’s patented fusion technology.

T5-Identify for Fast, Accurate Identification

Find out how TECH5 solutions can help your agency rapidly identify individuals anytime, anywhere.

Identify Image