TECH5 leads the Charge in Biometric and Digital ID Innovation

We are bridging the digital gap, heightening security and privacy, and cutting down total ownership costs. Our biometric solutions provide unmatched identity verification certainty, allowing individuals and entities to govern their digital identities. We picture a future where digital IDs are entirely owned and managed by their holders, biometrically verifiable, and inclusive.


Transform your biometric capture with our all-inclusive end-user apps, SDKs, and server elements. TECH5's versatile, reliable solutions support traditional and contactless capture, simplifying security, authentication, and user experience enhancement.

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Achieve ultimate adaptability by customizing and blending matching, anti-spoofing, and quality assessment algorithms for any biometric modality. Our cutting-edge algorithms guarantee swift, precise, and dependable search results for 1:1, 1:N, and N:N scenarios.

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Effortlessly craft custom cards, digital credentials, and cryptographs code-free. Our knowledge in credentialing and cutting-edge biometrics ensures tailored, secure, and user-friendly solutions.

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Implement TECH5’s pioneering biometric identity solutions for seamless proofing, authentication, and verification. We have a solution for virtually any use case across every industry.

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