Discover Powerful Capabilities for Searching Booking Data

Create and manage virtual line-ups, along with other investigative functions with T5-Investigate.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy our Law Enforcement Server, available as SaaS on GovCloud or deployed in government facilities on premises, to realize the full potential of its application logic, data storage, and integration capabilities. 

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T5-Investigate Provides a Comprehensive Set of Tools

With our rich set of tools, your officers can search on demographic and biographic data, conduct biometric searches with the power of fusion, search videos, use easy drag-and-drop functionality to create virtual lineups, and more.

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Powerful Yet Flexible Lineups

With T5-Investigate's pick-and-choose functionality, creating photo lineups has never been easier. We took the investigator experience into the design, ensuring they can complete their tasks without needing to leave their active work environment.

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Easily Manage Your Booking Records

Employ the broad capabilities of T5-Investigate to manage your booking records, such as searching, viewing, printing, and sealing or unsealing.

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Exhaustive Auditing Capabilities

Log all system operations and preserve an audit trail for searching, viewing, and printing by administrative users.