Tech5 Offers Global Market AI Face Capture for Web

TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, has launched its biometric face capture technology for web Interfaces – T5-AirSnap Face Web – making it immediately available in the form of a technology SDK to its certified partners across the globe. This AI-based innovation, supported by all major browsers, allows for accurate and secure face biometric capture using a web interface, preventing spoofing attacks and collecting biometric data of exceptionally high quality with the minimum hardware required.

Part of the Contactless biometric capture offering of TECH5, T5-AirSnap Face Web is an assisted facial image capture technology powered by AI and deep learning, allowing for accurate biometric acquisition using a web camera and a web interface. The technology performs face detection, capture, liveness check, check and enhancement of the quality of the captured images, and then packages and sends the data to a central identity management system (T5-ABIS or 3rd party) for registration, matching, or verification within seconds.

During capture, T5-AirSnap Face Web analyses such features as closed or opened eyes, closed or open mouth, smile, distance between eyes, as well as detecting face masks, glasses, multiple faces present in the frame, and more.

The entirely frictionless process ensures that the data is taken from a real person and that the image(s) are of acceptable quality – the built-in quality check algorithm allows users to capture only good quality ISO and ICAO compliant images, which meet the criteria required by liveness and matching technologies and are well suited for digital onboarding and verification. T5-AirSnap Face Web is fully interoperable and can be easily integrated into any existing infrastructure or ecosystem.

Earlier, TECH5 launched T5-AirSnap Finger and T5-AirSnap Face for contactless biometric capture using mobile phones. “This new functionality makes the T5-AirSnap technology offering complete, making contactless capture available not only on mobile devices but also via web interface. It can be used for a wide range of use cases – from digital onboarding and verification for banking, to national ID programmes, and does not require any specific equipment, making the entire process highly-scalable and cost-effective.” – says Rahul Parthe, Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO of TECH5.

Currently, all contactless capture technologies of TECH5: T5-AirSnap Face for mobile devices and web interfaces, as well as T5-AirSnap Finger for contactless fingerprint capture using mobile devices, are available for partners and customers of TECH5 globally, and already implemented in various projects.