Tech5 Sets New World Speed Record in Fingerprint and Iris Matching

Fingerprint and iris matching algorithms of TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, become fastest in the world, in accordance with the NIST PFT III and NIST IREX 10 evaluations.

NIST Proprietary Fingerprint Template (PFT) III is a fingerprint technology evaluation exploring the performance and accuracy of proprietary fingerprint templates used in Civil ID and border control ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification Systems). The new fingerprint matching algorithm, submitted by TECH5 to NIST PFT III for the first time, and rated as the fastest matching as well as one of the most accurate in the world, is based on a combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence)/Machine Learning and proven traditional approaches.

This combination allows for higher matching speed and improved accuracy of the technology, which results in a reduced server hardware footprint and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the entity deploying the TECH5 solution. The TECH5 fingerprint algorithm is 400% faster than the next-fastest algorithm in the report, has a 66% lower error rate, and requires only 50% of the memory resources due to the smaller template size.

The NIST IREX 10: Identification Track assesses iris recognition performance for identification (one-to-many) applications. Most flagship deployments of iris recognition operate in identification mode, providing services ranging from border security, expedited processing, and distribution of resources. The iris matching algorithm of TECH5, again the first submission of a combination of AI and traditional approaches, showed the highest matching speed among all vendors participating in the evaluation. The company plans to submit an enhanced algorithm within 2022 which will have even higher accuracy and speeds.

“We are constantly investing in AI-based approaches in research for all three key biometric modalities under TECH5’s umbrella – face, fingerprint, and iris – and recent results are clearly showing the benefits. The results from the first submission of our fingerprint matching algorithm to NIST PFT III evaluation is proving our claim of AI/NN playing a pivotal role in all biometric modalities to make them robust. We have ambitious plans to solidify our leading positions for all three technologies. We are convinced that this is just the beginning, and we will continue improving the algorithms powering our matching platforms with top speed and accuracy,” says Rahul Parthe, Co-founder, Chairman, and CTO of TECH5.

The biometric technologies mentioned are used in TECH5’s ABIS platform for National ID-scale projects, ensuring inclusion across the globe, and are already available for certified partners of the company as part of the flagship identification and verification offerings. These results also align with Rahul Parthe’s claims on ID4Africa when asked by Dr. Joseph Atick about contactless capture becoming effective in large-scale programs. These AI-based approaches for fingerprint matching will meet and exceed the needs.

Learn more about AI-based algorithms for contactless fingerprint capture and matching from the video interview with Rahul Parthe for ID4Africa by following this link.