Multi-Modal Biometrics: Authenticate with Iris, Face, Voice, Palm, or Fingerprint

Your admins can set rules for users to authenticate with a single biometric, a choice between two or more, or a nested combination, providing the highest level of security while offering users flexibility.

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Authenticate the Person, Not Just the Device

With T5-Authenticate, you authenticate the person, not just their device. With our passwordless biometric MFA solution, you grant access to your valuable resources based on the unique characteristics of the human body — something that cannot be misplaced, stolen, or forgotten. With server-based matching, you can easily configure the solution for mobility.

  • Ensure liveness without friction.
  • OIDC and SAML for easy integration into third-party systems.

Easy to Use, Simple to Deploy

Seamlessly integrate passwordless, biometric MFA into your existing applications in seconds and allow your users to authenticate from any device with server-based matching.

Self-Service Portal for Quick Deployment

Add your existing environments to our self-enrollment features to quickly get users up and running in days or weeks, not months. Our intuitive self-service portal allows you to manage users and authentication protocols with ease.

Easy-to-Use Passwordless Biometric Authentication

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With cybercrime on the rise, it’s more important than ever to secure your systems. One of the quickest and easiest ways to protect your digital assets is to employ passwordless, biometric authentication.

Biometric MFA means no misplaced, stolen, or forgotten passwords. T5-Authenticate’s intuitive iOS and Android apps have a familiar, modern interface for quick user adoption.

Admins can easily configure on-device server-based matching for mobility, while OIDC and SAML facilitate effortless integration into your existing systems.

Our passive anti-spoofing technology delivers robust liveness detection without introducing friction, furthering the usability of the app as well as confidence in the identity authentication process.